Humans of the Mortal Age are a diverse race, having developed into many unique cultures with their own strengths, weaknesses, and secrets. When creating a human character, the player chooses one bloodline from the list below. This choice determines the character’s homeland and cultural affiliation and cannot be changed once chosen.

Human Racial Traits

+2 to One Ability Score: Human characters gain a +2 racial bonus to one ability score of their choice at creation to represent their varied nature.

Medium: Humans are Medium creatures and receive no bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Normal Speed: Humans have a base speed of 30 feet.

Bonus Feat: Humans select one extra feat at 1st level.

Natural Aptitude: Human receive a +2 racial bonus on two skill checks, determined by their bloodline. These skills are noted on Table: Bloodline Skills.

Languages: Humans begin play speaking Common and the language of their bloodline.

Human Bloodlines


The Crownlanders hail from the monarchy of Ivanov. Stern and rigid, Crownlanders are shaped by the  mandatory military service they undertake in their teenage years. However, they are also cosmopolitan and well-learned due to the numerous ports that define their cities. Their kingdom’s current ruler, King Ivan IV, is renown for his courage, cunning, and willingness to wade into battle shoulder-to-shoulder with his soldiers. His rule has inspired a new age of exploration and colonialism within his kingdom.


Hakaras are a resilient culture of merchants and boatmen who are at home adrift on the serpentine rivers birthed from the Cracked Cauldron. Although known for their quick wits and sense of humour, Hakaras are bound by a strong sense of honour and family history. The designation of Hakara is fluid; Khor, Vorians, and even Syeka are often welcomed as full-fledged members of Hakara bands. However, ethnic Hakara are easily identified by their straight black hair, slight frames, and deeply tanned skin.


The Khor are a nomadic race of barbarians that can be found in Khor Rav, one of the northernmost regions of Yavmir. Residing in sprawling tented camps, they exploit the seasonal resources of an area then move on. The Khor are renowned for their hunting and animal husbandry skills, abilities immortalized in tales of their folk heroes. Married to their rugged homeland, the Khor often find city life claustrophobic; however, there are several notorious splinter factions that make their living as bodyguards, raiders, and mercenaries.

Kit Lyu

The Kit Lyu are a nation of hunters and sailors who reside in the Whale Bones. Living in familial tribes scattered across the shattered islands of their homeland, the Kit Lyu subsist on the meat of whales, walruses, and other beasts native to the frigid waters. In recent years, many Kit Lyu have abandoned their simple village life to find fortune as guides and traders or, less scrupulously, as pirates or coastal raiders. Few can match their prowess in the building of boats or the carving of weapons and tools from bone.


Hailing from the rugged nation of Koschev, the Koschevi are a hardy and pragmatic people. A largely agrarian society composed of farmers and shepherds, Koschev is divided into several provinces, each ruled by a baron with a seat of power in a fortified castle-city. Although a simple folk, the Koschevi are married to their religion and folklore – specifically veneration of Koschei the Deathless, the ancient hero for which their country is named. In recent years, skirmishes have broken out between Koschev and the neighbouring kingdom of Sokrovish over mining rights.


Opona is a sweeping nation of rolling hills and farmland situated north of the Blightlands. Years of living next to this eldritch region has left the Oponans militant and superstitious. Magic of all kinds is prohibited in their kingdom, and witches, witchborn, mystics, and magical beast are actively hunted by the local military. The Ardent Green, the primary province of the Oponans, boasts some of the most temperate and fertile farmland seen in the Mortal Age due to its proximity to the Skyward Plinth. Although rich in pastoral beauty, the nation (and its iconic walled settlements) is generally inhospitable to outsiders.


Sokrovishens are a hardened people at home at the peaks of towering mountains and in the depths of spiraling mine shafts. Once the poorest member of the Four Kingdoms, the recent discovery of true iron in the Shimmercloak Mountains has a spurred a “gold rush” to Sokrovish. Overnight, small hamlets have swelled into sprawling frontier cities. Despite this influx of wealth, the people of Sokrovish have retained a salt-of-the-earth character that predisposes them to a practical lifestyle built on community values.


Tolanns are an industrious people who dwell in the expansive nation of Tol in the north. After the Sundering, the Tolanns turned to steam technology in order to gain a foothold in the world. Exploiting the abundant coal resources of the Oroboros Expanse, they have erected labyrinthine walled cities: a true marvel in a world otherwise bereft of metropolises. Although ingenious and hard-working, Tolanns are often derided as rigid and withdrawn by outsiders; the nation has few allies and considers itself neutral in most political affairs.


Vori is a sprawling nation of frontiersman encircling the great lake Chernok Voz. Once a coalition of a few small trading posts and villages, Vori has rapidly increased its fortunes over the past century by expanding westward into the Blightlands. New provinces have brought the Vorians a great wealth of lumber, ore, and fish; however, each venture into the dangers of the Blightlands has been paid for in blood. Vori is ruled by a savvy coalition of merchant lords who often turn a blind eye to the black markets and slave trafficking common in the outermost reaches of the nation.


Yadmoraz is a harsh country of mires and oft-flooded lowlands. Its people have managed to eke out an existence by exploiting the abundance of fish and petrol writhing through these murky waters. Although living on the edge of poverty and often sickened from oil pollution, the Yadmorans – referred to as Puddlefolk by outsiders – form close knit and welcoming communities that relish festivals and music. They are also geniuses when it comes to refining oil and other feats of alchemy. The scant mountainous portion of Yadmoraz is reserved for agriculture; land is strictly portioned out by their hereditary leader, the High Khagan.


Zomekhans, known superstitiously as magician-folk by outsiders, hail from the remote northeastern reaches of Yavmir. Although infamous for their skill in magic, their social currency lies moreso in textbooks and ancient lore. As a result, many Zomekhan cities (including their capital Greythrone) were founded within the ruined ancient settlements of the Radiant Age. Although a small and reclusive nation, Zomekh has amassed great wealth by auctioning off unearthed relics to other nations – specifically Ivanov and Vori. Its people tend to be taciturn, well-educated, and somewhat aloof.

Bloodline Skills

BloodlineSkill Bonuses
CrownlanderKnowledge (local), Linguistics
HakaraDiplomacy, Knowledge (geography)
KhorRide, Survival
Kit LyuProfession (sailor), Swim
KosheviDiplomacy, Profession (farmer)
OponanKnowledge (religion), Sense Motive
SokrovishenProfession (miner), Ride
TolannDisable Device, Knowledge (engineering)
VorianAppraise, Knowledge (local)
YadmoranCraft (alchemy), Perception
ZomekhanKnowledge (arcana), Use Magic Device