Hearth and Blade: Patch 1-4

The following changes were made to the Hearth and Blade roleplaying game on January 6, 2017.

Class Updates

The Crusader, Delver, Mystic, and Warden have had their class roles updated.

2 thoughts on “Hearth and Blade: Patch 1-4

  1. Just wondering, several of the classes have mention of things they get at 7+ level, and a few even have entries on their table. Particularly odd since this includes entirely new classes like the Delver and Mystic. What’s the deal?

    1. Hi Mally – you’ve actually caught us in the midst of a major class overhaul. Originally, we had included progression to level 8 for each class. Even though the cap is level 6, we thought this would be useful as a reference for epic feats and abilities. However, we realized this confused things a bit, and we’re removing any references to post-6 levels class-by-class.

      All the changes should be done within the next week or so, and there will be a blog post detailing them. Best!

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