Simple WeaponsCostDmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalRangeWeight1Type2SpecialGroup
Unarmed Attacks
2 gp1d21d3x2-1 lb.B-close
Unarmed Strike
Finesse Melee Weapons
1 gp1d31d4x2-1 lb.Bdisarm, tripcudgels
2 gp1d31d419-20/x210 ft.1 lb.P or S-close, light blades, thrown
Dagger, punching
2 gp1d31d4x3-1 lb.P-close
Gauntlet, spiked
5 gp1d31d4x2-1 lb.P-close
Mace, light
5 gp1d41d6x2-4 lbs.B-hammers
6 gp1d41d6x2-2 lbs.Striplight blades
One-Handed Melee Weapons
-1d41d6x210 ft.3 lbs.B-cudgels, hammers, thrown
Mace, heavy
12 gp1d61d8x2-8 lbs.B-hammers
8 gp1d61d8x2-6 lbs.B and P-flails
1 gp1d41d6x220 ft.3 lbs.P-spears, thrown
Two-Handed Melee Weapons
5 gp1d61d8x3-9 lbs.Pbrace, reachspears
-1d4/1d41d6/1d6x2-4 lbs.Bdoublecudgels, double
2 gp1d61d8x320 ft.6 lbs.Pbracespears, thrown
Ranged Weapons
2 gp11d2x220 ft.1 lb.P-thrown
Darts, blowgun (10)
5 sp--------
Crossbow, heavy
50 gp1d81d1019-20/x2120 ft.8 lbs.P-crossbows
Bolts, crossbow (10)
1 gp----1 lb.---
Crossbow, light
35 gp1d61d819-20/x280 ft.4 lbs.P-crossbows
Bolts, crossbow (10)
1 gp----1 lb.---
5 sp1d31d4x220 ft.1/2 lb.P-thrown
1 gp1d41d6x230 ft.2 lbs.P-spears, thrown
-1d31d4x250 ft.-B-thrown
Bullets, sling (10)
1sp----5 lbs.---
Martial WeaponsCostDmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalRangeWeight1Type2SpecialGroup
Finesse Melee Weapons
Axe, throwing
8 gp1d41d6x210 ft.2 lbs.S-axes, thrown
Sabre, half
8 gp1d31d418-20/x2-2 lbs.S-light blades
Hammer, light
1 gp1d31d4x220 ft.2 lbs.B-hammers, thrown
6 gp1d41d6x3-3 lbs.S-axes
Pick, light
4 gp1d31d4x4-3 lbs.P-axes
1 gp1d41d6x2-2 lbs.Bnonlethalclose
Shield, light
Spiked armor
Spiked shield, light
Sword, short
10 gp1d41d619-20/x2-2 lbs.P-light blades
One-Handed Melee Weapons
10 gp1d61d8x3-6 lbs.S-axes
8 gp1d61d8x2-5 lbs.Bdisarm, tripflails
Iron needle
20 gp1d41d618-20/x2-2 lbs.Pfinessable, pastukhanlight blades
15 gp1d61d819-20/x2-4 lbs.S-heavy blades
15 gp1d61d819-20/x2-6 lbs. B-hammers
Pick, heavy
8 gp1d41d6x4-6 lbs.P-axes
Sabre, shashka
15 gp1d41d618-20/x2-4 lbs.S-heavy blades
Shield, heavy
Spiked shield, heavy
15 gp1d61d8x210 ft.4 lbs.Pbracespears, thrown
12 gp1d61d8x3-5 lbs.B-hammers
Two-Handed Melee Weapons
9 gp1d62d4x3-12 lbs.Sreach, trippole arms
20 gp1d101d12x3-12 lbs.S-axes
5 gp1d81d10x2-8 lbs.B-cudgels, hammers
Flail, heavy
15 gp1d81d1019-20/x2-10 lbs.Bdisarm, tripflails
50 gp1d102d619-20/x2-8 lbs.S-heavy blades
10 gp1d81d10x3-12 lbs.P or Sbrace, trippole arms
10 gp1d61d8x3-10 lbs.Preachspears
10 gp1d62d4x3-12 lbs.Pdisarm, reachpole arms
18 gp1d62d4x4-10 lbs.P or Stripheavy blades
8 gp1d81d10x3-10 lbs.Sreachpole arms
Staff, Banded
6 gp1d6/1d61d8/1d8x2-6 lbs.Bdouble, tripcudgels, double
Sabre, szabla
75 gp1d62d418-20/x2-8 lbs.S-heavy blades
Ranged Weapons
75 gp1d61d8x3100 ft.3 lbs.P-bows
Arrows (20)
1 gp----3 lbs.---
Longbow, composite
100 gp1d61d8x3110 ft.3 lbs.P-bows
Arrows (20)
1 gp----3 lbs.---
30 gp1d41d6x360 ft.2 lbs.P-bows
Arrows (20)
1 gp----3 lbs.---
Shortbow, composite
75 gp1d41d6x370 ft.2 lbs.P-bows
Arrows (20)
1 gp----3 lbs.---
Exotic WeaponsCostDmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalRangeWeight1Type2SpecialGroup
Finesse Melee Weapons
5 gp1d31d419-20/x210 ft.1 lb.Psee textlight blades, thrown
One-Handed Melee Weapons
Sword, bastard
35 gp1d81d1019-20/x2-6 lbs.S-heavy blades
1 gp1d21d3x2-2 lbs.Sdisarm, finessable,
nonlethal, reach, trip
Two-Handed Melee Weapons
Boulder hammer
40 gp1d101d6x3-13 lbs.Bkhorhammers
Burya tesak
60 gp1d6/1d61d8/1d8x3-15 lbs.Skhoraxes, double
Chain, spiked
25 gp1d62d4x2-10 lbs.Pdisarm, finessable, tripflails
Shepherd's crook
1 gp1d41d6x2-5 lbs.Bpastukhan, reach, tripcudgels
Torch staff
50 gp1d81d10x3-10 lbs.Breach, trip, see textcudgels
Ranged Weapons
5 gp1d31d4x210 ft.2 lbs.Bnonlethal, tripthrown
Crossbow, hand
100 gp1d31d419-20/x230 ft.2 lbs.P-crossbows
Bolts (10)
1 gp----1 lb.---
Firearm, long rifle
250 gp1d101d12x440 ft.9 lbs.P and Bblack powderfirearms
Bullets (20)
5 gp----1 lb.---
Firearm, pistol
175 gp1d61d8x420 ft.4 lbs.P and Bblack powderfirearms
Bullets (20)
5 gp----1 lb.---
20 gp---10 ft.6 lbs.--thrown
Thrush spear
1 gp1d41d619-20/x245 ft.1 lbs.P-spears, thrown
1 Weight figures are for Medium weapons. A Small weapon weighs half as much, and a Large weapon weighs twice as much.
2 A weapon with two types is both types if the entry specifies “and,” or either type (wielder’s choice) if the entry specifies “or.”

New Special Weapon Features

Black PowderAn attack fired from a black powder weapon is so swift and forceful that it resolves against the target’s flat-footed AC when the target is within the first range increment of the weapon. This type of attack is not considered against a flat-footed opponent for the purposes of a rogue’s sneak attack class feature.

Finessable: You can add your Dexterity modifier instead of your Strength modifier to attack rolls with a finessable weapon sized for you, even though it isn’t a finesse weapon. You cannot wield a finessable weapon with two hands in order to apply 1-1/2 times your Strength bonus to damage.

Weapons of Yavmir

Bardiche: A bardiche – figuratively meaning “long poleaxe'” – is one of the most ubiquitous weapons in Yavmir. Due to shortages of pure iron in the Mortal Age, the wooden handled bardiche has proven to be an economical and effective armanent. Most citizens of the Five Kingdoms have at least a vague proficiency with the bardiche, and it is a common weapon for militias, infantry units, and city guards.

Boulder Hammer: This two-handed stone hammer is impossibly heavy and oddly balanced, and few asides from its Khor orginators feel comfortable using it. The crudely wrought head ends in multiple blunted spikes intended to shatter bone and metal.

Burya Tesak: The Burya Tesak, or windstorm cleaver, consists of two curved axe blades mounted on a long wooden haft. It is a highly prestigious weapon in Khor society, wielded by the nation’s greatest generals and present in their most sacred ceremonies.

Cane: Cane is a catchall term used to describe any one-handed baton or stick weapon. Unlike its cousin the club, a cane relies more on concerted well-directed blows rather than brute force to topple opponents.

Iron Needle: This slender, sharply pointed sword is light and has only the slightest hilt. It is commonly wielded by the Pastukhan people, who consider it an icon of their deity Mokosh.

Long Rifle: This firearm has a long barrel and heavy yet well-balanced wooden stock. Loading a long rifle is a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity.

Pernach: A type of mace, named for its close resemblance to a feathered arrow. Pernachs were one of the most widely used close-combat weapons during the War of Rising Blades. Scavengers will often pick apart old battlefields in search of particularly well preserved pernachs – a testament to how well the weapon has aged over time. In the current age, pernachs are the weapon of choice for thugs and ruffians. They are easy to use, relatively cheap to purchase, and easily concealable under loose robes or up one’s sleeve. In sharp contrast, particularly wealthy kings and landowners may carry an ornate pernach as a sign of status, adorned with patterns of kreutzets, simargl, and other fantastical creatures.

Pistol: This slender firearm fits comfortably in one hand. Loading a pistol is a move action that provokes attacks of opportunity.

Sabre, Half: A half sabre is the most diminutive weapon in the sabre family, consisting of a curved single-edged blade the length of a forearm and simple leather-bound hilt. This lithe weapon has grown popular in the Mortal Age, owing to both the iron shortage and its own merits as a concealed weapon.

Sabre, Shashka: Shashkas are a special kind of sabre: sharp, single-edged, one-handed, and completely without a guard. Shashkas are the favoured hand-to-hand combat weapons of the famed Ivanov cavalry, and warriors generally take great pride in their shashkas, decorating them with ornate gold, silver, and brass engravings whenever possible. A well maintained shashka is a fearsome weapon, and with it a trained sabre fighter can be a dervish of death on the battlefield.

Sabre, Szabla: This massive curved bladed is grounded by a wide open cross-guard. A szabla is used for both martial and ceremonial purposes and – in contrast to the shashka – is considered an important symbol of nobility and aristocracy.

Shepherd’s Crook: This long slender staff curls to a gnarled hook at the top. Pastukhan farmers have developed a fighting style around this tool of their trade, exploiting the crook’s light weight and reach to trip and outmaneuver opponents.

Sovnya: A sovnya is a curved, single-edged blade mounted on the end of a long pole, approximately seven feet in length. Like the bardiche, it is commonly used by soldiers in the Five Kingdoms.

Staff, Banded: A banded quarterstaff is simply a higher quality quarterstaff that has been reinforced with metal bands to increase its heft and general lethality.

Switchblade: This knife can be designed to look like another type of object (a DC 15 Perception check reveals the deception). If held in your hand, you can activate it as a free action.

Thrush Spear: Thrush spears are finer, lighter cousins of the javelin. They are named for the chirping noise they make when thrown owing to the numerous small holes whittled into the shaft to reduce their weight.

Torch Staff: This sturdy oaken pole is ribbed with iron rings and supports a caged lantern on one end. The lantern can be lit and sheds light as a hooded lantern. If the wielder strikes a target with a lit torch staff, the weapon deals an additional 1d6 points of fire damage. However, the flame is extinguished as soon as this attack is made. Lighting a torch staff is a standard action.