Normal Languages

Common: The common language of the Mortal Age. Although it has its roots in Old Tongue, it has long transformed into its own unique entity.

Greyspeak: The language of Koschev, it is similar in structure to Imperial.

Hakara: The language of Hakar. Native speakers often punctuate phrases in Hakara with Palmspeak gestures, adding a second layer of meaning.

Imperial: The shared language of the Four Kingdoms. Crownlanders, Sokrovishens, Vorians, and Yadmorans all speak it fluently, albeit with a wide variation of accents and inflections.

Kologos: The language of the Whale Bones. It is fractured into many local dialects, which often make it difficult for fluent outsiders to follow.

Oponan: The language of Opona.

Palmspeak: A system of sign language developed by the sailors of Hakar and the Whale Bones to communicate over crashing currents. It requires two free hands to gesture meaningfully.

Skrip: The language of Syekas. It consists of chirping, hooting, and clicking noises and lacks a written form. Humans and Olbishims who choose this language only learn to understand it; they do not possess the necessary anatomy to speak it.

Tolann: The language of Tol.

Vaettir: The shared language of all the Vaettir, including the Olbishims. It has both a spoken and written form, neither of which bear any similarity in structure or lexicon to the human languages.

Yaz’Gora: The language of Khor Rav.

Yaz’Vol: The language of Zomekh. It is an interesting hybrid of Common, Old Tongue, and cobbled together pieces of other languages, often involving overly long and florid words that are difficult to translate.

Secret Languages

Briar Cant: The secret language of wardens, used to discuss matters of great importance to their order. Wardens are forbidden to teach this language to non-wardens, and Briar Cant has its own enciphered written alphabet.

Isk’Zako: Originating in the province of Isk, this language is a specialized written shorthand of common. Isk’Zako is economical with its use of characters and punctuation, allowing for a large amount of information to be concentrated on a single page.

Old Tongue: The once proliferate language of the Radiant Empire. Long forgotten to the common man, Old Tongue is now known only to mystics, who fiercely guard its secret.