There was a time in Yavmir’s past when man and god walked side by side as equals. In the fallout from the Sundering, the gods have become distant and alien beings. They rarely concern themselves with the affairs of mortal beings and their mere visage can drive a person to madness. However, priest and peasant alike still cling to the worship of Yavmir’s twelve principal deities as a beacon of hope in an otherwise bleak world.


Archetype: The Huntress

Season: Winter

Portfolio: Animal, Darkness, Madness, Strength, War

Holy Symbol: Antler

Favoured Weapon: Ranseur

Appearance: The avatar of Devana appears as a battle-scarred Amazonian woman draped in hides and the entrails of a fresh kill. Her deific mask is an unadorned plate of wood with two large antlers branching from the top.

Status: Devana stalks the northern reaches of Yavmir. Unconcerned with anything but patrolling the wilds, she leaves solitary footprints in the snow of the Hinterlands and Wraithwood. The Circle of Thorns occasionally commune with her, but she rarely heeds their calls without receiving a tribute in blood.


Archetype: The Merchant

Season: Winter

Portfolio: Air, Brine, Glory, Liberation, Travel, Water

Holy Symbol: Talon

Favoured Weapon: Longbow

Appearance: The avatar of Stribog is a lithe young man dressed in sailor’s garb with a flowing white feathered cape. His deific mask is made of clay and shaped into the likeness of an albatross.

Status: Stribog circles the waters east of the Whalebones in the form of a great albatross. Sailors occasionally claim to catch glimpses of him in the glint of the sun off the water. Those seeking to enter Sunken Kitezh may find him perched on top of the entrance, silently appraising their arrival.


Archetype: The Shepherd

Season: Spring

Portfolio: Animal, Charm, Community, Plant, Travel

Holy Symbol: Bee

Favoured Weapon: Crook

Appearance: The avatar of Veles appears as an elderly man dressed in peasants clothes and hunched over a large wooden crook. His deific mask is made of folded canvas and features no eye or mouth holes.

Status: After saving the city of Velstrad and its inhabitants, Veles was forced into hiding from his vengeful brother Perun. He continues to aid the mortal world in secrecy, considering himself the hidden shepherd of mankind. He is known for leaving intricate wood carvings as a means of offering cryptic advice and subtly nudging individuals with potential toward their destiny.


Archetype: The Weaver

Season: Spring

Portfolio: Artifice, Luck, Moon, Trickery, Water, Weather

Holy Symbol: Minnow

Favoured Weapon: Iron needle

Appearance: The avatar of Mokosh appears as a matronly older woman whose body is covered in long shimmering woolen scarves, each embroidered with intricate spiraling patterns that are vexing to look at. Her deific mask is a roughly assembled mass of wicker and string.

Status: The priests of Pastukh claim that Mokosh lives in the world beneath the riverways, where she weaves the very fabric of existence of itself. She communicates with the Pastukhan people through their council of oracles, although her messages are often cryptic and strange.


Archetype: The Mother

Season: Spring

Portfolio: Air, Healing, Liberation, Plant, Sun

Holy Symbol: Water lily

Favoured Weapon: Thrush spear

Appearance: The avatar of Vesna appears as a hardy barefoot woman whose nude body is caked with mud and nestles. Her deific mask is a loose wreath of lilies that is pleated into her flowing brown hair.

Status: When the verdant forests and wildlands of Yavmir were reduced to ash and briar, the deity Vesna’s mind broke. She rests in a semi-lucid state in a small grove in the heart of Vesna’s Refuge. Although animals and plants thrive in her domain, the forest around her is a shifting labyrinth of wood that ensnares and maddens stray travellers.


Archetype: The Lover

Season: Summer

Portfolio: Community, Fire, Healing, Hearth, Protection, Repose

Holy Symbol: Hearth

Favoured Weapon: Torch staff

Appearance: The avatar of Vasilisa appears as a woman dressed in a flowing white dress who floats several inches off the ground. Her deific mask is made out of clouded crystal that perpetually glows with candlelight.

Status: Unique among the deities, Vasilisa cares deeply about the fate of humanity. She is revered in much of Southern Yavmir, specifically in Koshev and the Five Kingdoms. She is known to offer aid to lost and freezing travellers on the verge of death or in visions in the flames of a campfire.


Archetype: The Emperor

Season: Summer

Portfolio: Destruction, Fire, Glory, Sun, War, Weather

Holy Symbol: Crown

Favoured Weapon: Greatsword

Appearance: The avatar of Perun appears as a fierce middle-aged man dressed in field plate armor and blood red regal fineries, including a heavy fox fur cloak and elaborate crown. Holding nothing but disdain for mankind, he has never adopted a deific mask.

Status: The tyrant Perun has sequestered himself in his grand fortress in the Summer Realm. Disgusted by human beings and still weakened by his ordeals during the final days of the Golden Age, he slouches on his throne, assembling a great army of eidolons out of rampant paranoia.


Archetype: The Gambler

Season: Summer

Portfolio: Glory, Knowledge, Luck, Madness, Trickery

Holy Symbol: Cockatrice

Favoured Weapon: Pernach

Appearance: The avatar of Fyodor appears as a richly dressed nobleman with numerous charms and fetishes hanging from his neck and wrists. His deific mask is cast out of gold and modeled after a cockatrice, complete with an elongated beak.

Status: No longer chained to his responsibilities in the Summer Realm, Fyodor has embraced the earthly pleasures previously forbidden and foreign to him. The deity resides in a lavish bathhouse hidden away in the mountains north of Hakar, waited on by a harem of eidolons and enslaved mortal women.


Archetype: The Knight

Season: Autumn

Portfolio: Charm, Law, Nobility, Rune, Strength

Holy Symbol: Horseshoe

Favoured Weapon: Shashka

Appearance: The avatar of Jarilo appears as a young knight of the Radiant Age in ceremonial armour. His deific mask is the visor of his helmet, a young man’s face cast in a blank expression.

Status: Jarilo has not been seen since the destruction of the city that bears his name. Despite his lengthy absence, he still remains the patron saint and muse of bards, who refer to flashes of inspiration as “catching sight of Jarilo.”


Archetype: The Reaper

Season: Autumn

Portfolio: Community, Darkness, Death, Earth, Moon, Repose

Holy Symbol: Fallen leaf

Favoured Weapon: Scythe

Appearance: The avatar of Morzanna appears either as a hardy young woman or a haggard crone, often switching between her two forms several times within the span of an interaction. In both forms, she wears a cloak weaved of thistle and briars. Her deific mask is a bear’s skull entwined with a wreath of exquisite flowers.

Status: One of the more enigmatic deities, Morzanna only appears in passing. Farmers claim that if Morzanna is spotted walking through a field in the form of a maiden, the harvest will be good and the winter mild; if she takes the form of a crone, there will be hard times ahead.


Archetype: The Father

Season: Autumn

Portfolio: Artifice, Earth, Hearth, Magic, Protection, Rune

Holy Symbol: Anvil

Favoured Weapon: Warhammer

Appearance: The avatar of Svarog is a burly bare-chested figure with glowing silver tattoos carpeting his skin. He perpetually drags a colossal stone hammer behind him. His deific mask is an iron helmet modeled after a mountain goat’s head.

Status: Svarog resides deep in the heart of the mountain range that bears his name, where the heat of his forge keeps the stone warm. He is forever at the anvil, forging an artifact of unknown purpose. The pulse of his hammer against the anvil are blamed for earthquakes in Yavmir.


Archetype: The Prophet

Season: Winter

Portfolio: Brine, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Protection, Water

Holy Symbol: Quill

Favoured Weapon: Short sword

Appearance: The avatar of Koledo appears as a bearded man dressed in a gilded monastic robe and a flowing cape made out of chilling mist. His deific mask is a smooth slabe of slate with two simple but perfectly round eye holes prodded through it.

Status: Koledo resides in the abandoned city of Winterknell, high in the peaks of the Frostmantle Mountains. Loyally attended on by his winter eidolon servants, he pursues a solitary existence studying the endless expanse of stars and stewarding the ley lines that criss-cross Yavmir.