Bestiary (Core)

Below are a collection of monsters from the Pathfinder RPG Bestiary I which we believe are thematically compatible with Hearth & Blade. These creatures are meant to complement the ones presented in our Bestiary, and are generally well-established fantasy tropes or mundane animals.

Some modification to stat blocks may be required. As outlined in the Feat Tree, Power Attack has been removed as a feat and has been replaced with the always-available Risky Strike combat option. Consider swapping out the now defunct Power Attack feat with a similar one, such as Powerful Maneuvers, or with a new Monster Feat.

Also, elementals of all types are now considered eidolons instead of outsiders. Air, Earth, Fire, and Water elementals are from the spring, autumn, summer, and winter realms, respectively. These changes require no modifications to the creature’s stat blocks, but are important from a lore perspetive.