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Welcome to Yavmir!

Hearth & Blade is a homebrew campaign setting for the Pathfinder roleplaying game. Explore Yavmir, a frozen realm steeped in rich Slavic folklore. Delve into ancient ruins, acquaint yourself with strange cultures, and fight to survive in a world the gods have forsaken.

The project was conceived by brothers Mathew and Michael. It is inspired by classic Dungeons and Dragons modules, 16-bit roleplaying games, and all the bad fantasy novels we read as kids. Read our rules overview page to acquaint yourself with the changes we’ve made to the core Pathfinder game.

If you’re interested in using Hearth &┬áBlade in a home game, feel free to contact the webmaster at

Hearth and Blade: Patch 1-1

The following changes were made to the Hearth and Blade roleplaying game on March 16, 2016.


  • Replaced “Artificer” with “Discipline”, a new class ability that allows the delver to choose a field of study that grants specific skill bonuses, bonus spells, and bonus special weapon qualities for their Imbued Firearm.
  • Renamed “Enhanced Ammunition” to “Imbued Firearm” and retooled the ability to differentiate it from the Arcane Archer prestige class.
  • Updated class skills and added/reworded several Insights.
  • Various minor copy changes to reflect the new design of the class.