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Welcome to Yavmir!

Hearth & Blade is a homebrew campaign setting for the Pathfinder roleplaying game. Explore Yavmir, a frozen realm steeped in rich Slavic folklore. Delve into ancient ruins, acquaint yourself with strange cultures, and fight to survive in a world the gods have forsaken.

The project was conceived by brothers Mathew and Michael. It is inspired by classic Dungeons and Dragons modules, 16-bit roleplaying games, and all the bad fantasy novels we read as kids. Read our rules overview page to acquaint yourself with the changes we’ve made to the core Pathfinder game.

If you’re interested in using Hearth & Blade in a home game, feel free to contact the webmaster at

Hearth and Blade: Patch 1-7

The following changes were made to the Hearth and Blade roleplaying game on July 27, 2017.


  • Minor copy changes have been made to the Human race page. The term “bloodline” is now used instead of “lineage” in all instances. The block of lorem ipsum has been slain.
  • The racial traits for humans have been slightly altered. The Skilled trait has been replaced with Natural Aptitude, which grants specific skill bonuses based on the character’s chosen bloodline.
  • The Barrowman, Iskari, and Pastukhan bloodlines have been removed from the game.
  • The Highborn and Puddlefolk bloodlines have been reworked into the Yadmoran bloodline.

Hearth and Blade: Patch 1-6

The following changes were made to the Hearth and Blade roleplaying game on July 12, 2017.

Spell List

  • All references to spells and spell levels attained beyond 6th level have been removed.
  • All alignment-based spells (align weapon, protection from evil, etc.) have been removed. This is the next step in formally removing alignment from Hearth and Blade.
  • Three new spells have been added to replace these alignment-based spells: alter weapon, protection from outsiders, and protection from outsiders, communal.
  • All concentration-based detection spells (detect secret doors, detect undead, etc.) have been removed. As with our earlier removal of detect magic, this move is largely to increase play speed and keep encounters unpredictable.
  • In a few instances, domain spells or spells granted by other class features have been changed to accommodate the previous changes.

Hearth and Blade: Patch 1-5

The following changes were made to the Hearth and Blade roleplaying game on July 5, 2017.

General Changes

  • Alignment is in the process of being removed from the game. This is an incremental process, as alignment is central to many mechanics. Updates to spells and feats will follow soon.
  • A full review of monster types is underway. This is partly due to the removal of alignment and partly out of personal preference.

Class Updates

  • Alignment requirements have been removed for all classes.
  • All references to class progression beyond 6th level have been removed.
  • The numerical advancement of many class abilities has been reworked to better fit the level 1-6 range.


  • Alignment-based spell restrictions have been removed.
  • Clerics no longer choose a type of channeling based on alignment. All clerics can either channel to heal living creatures or to cause elemental damaged (the type of which is determined by their deity).
  • Clerics can only spontaneously cast heal spells.
  • Many 1st-level domain powers have been adjusted. The moon domain has been renamed to mist domain.


  • The blessing and bonus feat class features have been removed.
  • A new pact class ability has been added, granting the crusader a passive aura that she customizes as she levels up.
  • The domain, divine grace, and divine bond class features are now gained at different levels.


  • Delvers now have access to cantrips, including two new ones: crackle and warning shot.
  • The imbued firearm and spell shot class features are now gained at different levels.
  • Many insights have been adjusted or removed, and one new insight has been added: trapfinding.
  • The bonus special weapon qualities gained from the discipline class feature have been updated to reflect future monster type updates.


  • Many secrets have been adjusted or removed, and five new secrets have been added: arcane archeologist, greater ley channel, minor arcana, ray mastery, and wild mysticism.


  • The wild empathy, woodland stride, trackless step, hedge savant, and mark of the wild class features are now gained at different levels.
  • The mark of the wild class feature has been updated to reflect future monster type updates. In addition, it improves the warden’s wild empathy class feature.

Hearth and Blade: Patch 1-3

The following changes were made to the Hearth and Blade roleplaying game on August 24, 2016.

Map Update

Due to the sudden shut-down of Mashupforge, the Hearth & Blade world map has been converted to Mapplic. The functionality is mostly the same, albeit with a touch more lag. Although Mapplic is a perfectly fine plugin, we will also be exploring some alternatives in the coming months.

Feat Changes

Updated the Mystic and Delver feats to reflect recent class updates. Nothing too fancy: just some wording tweaks and a few name changes to reflect the current fluff.

Logo Update

We now have a logo for Hearth & Blade! Although we’re not quite ready for a full roll-out, you can see the prototype in the top left corner of the website and a more polished version below. The basic aesthetic we’re aiming for is “80s D&D splatbook.”


Hearth and Blade: Patch 1-2

The following changes were made to the Hearth and Blade roleplaying game on August 14, 2016.


Nailheads have been added to the bestiary!

Nailheads are small anthropods that reside in mines and other caves that are rich in ore. In their natural form, nailheads have soft limbless bodies, resembling oversized silk worms, and pose no threat to adventurers. However, if allowed near any sort of metal, nailheads are capable of ingesting the material and excreting it as metallic silk. The silk has the same qualities of whatever metal was ingested and can be spun into webs and other constructs. Nailheads specifically use this material to craft durable exoskeletons for themselves, complete with their eponymous large spiked horns. Nailheads become aggressive and territorial when armoured in such a manner and can pose a major threat to unprepared adventurers – especially if they’ve been feasting on particularly remarkable ore.fillermonster

Nailheads are an original creation for Hearth & Blade, and are featured heavily in the game’s setting and lore. Expect to see more variations down the line, including new metal subtypes and sizes.

Hearth and Blade: Patch 1-1

The following changes were made to the Hearth and Blade roleplaying game on March 16, 2016.


  • Replaced “Artificer” with “Discipline”, a new class ability that allows the delver to choose a field of study that grants specific skill bonuses, bonus spells, and bonus special weapon qualities for their Imbued Firearm.
  • Renamed “Enhanced Ammunition” to “Imbued Firearm” and retooled the ability to differentiate it from the Arcane Archer prestige class.
  • Updated class skills and added/reworded several Insights.
  • Various minor copy changes to reflect the new design of the class.